We use an innovative system to fight against subterranean termites.

Its main principle is based in the diffusion of an insecticide product, hexaflumuron, to the totality of individuals forming the colony. This insecticide has a retarded effect and is distributed in the form of bait with a special formula that will be eaten by the worker termites. Through the food exchange process, the whole of the colony will gradually be infected and disappear.

NON TOXIC: This product is specific for insects and has no effect on humans (adults or children) nor on pets or on other vertebrate animals.

IT DOES NOT AFFECT THE ENVIRONMENT: The amount of this insecticide product we use is very small (only a few tens of milligrams per bait), and it is placed only in those specific places where there is an infestation.
After the poisoning phase, the baits are withdrawn and replaced by neutral elements which do not contain any insecticide.

The methodology implemented by Dow AgroSciences consists of three different stages:

  • Stage 1: Inspection – Installation
    Objective: To locate points of attack by and at risk from termites and to establish contact with the colony in order to arrange future poisoning.
    Resources: to establish working stations easy to control and check, together with an acoustic detector.
  • Stage 2: Control
    : To spread the insecticide product into the core of the colony utilising the worker termites.
    Resources: Distribution of the product by means of baits placed in points where termites are active.
  • Stage 3: Maintenance
    To ensure the preservation of the zone treated.
    Means: Periodic control of the stations with inert elements and also those areas sensitive to infestation by subterranean termites.

More info LINK: termitas.lokimica.com