Lokímica’s experience in pest control began with the commencement of the company, but it was in 1985 when the company started working for several Public Administrations in deprived areas and in the drainage system, against rodents and cockroaches.

The pest control department of Lokímica Laboratories is nowadays the most specialized company in the Public Health sector in the Valencian and Murcian Communities, and its presence in Andalucia is of growing importance, owning more resources in Public Health treatments and more years of experience than any competitor.

Due to its long experience and the quality of its staff, Lokimica is prepared to confront any Public Health problem of pest control. We can highlight the following activities:

  • Control of rodents, cockroaches and other pests in drainage systems, underground tunnels, public buildings and buildings sites.
  • Mosquito Control in areas of all sizes, mapping of sources of infection using GIS technology, and biological control of natural native predators.
  • Processionary caterpillar Control in wide territories with biological methods.
  • Critical Points Control (APPCC) in the food processing and environmental industries.
  • Control of xilofagous insects and organisms (wood devourers).
  • Urban bird Control.
  • And, in general terms, any type of pest that may pose a threat to human quality of life.