Since 1995, Lokímica has a joint research contract with the University of Alicante, through the Centro Iberoamericano de la  Biodiversidad, CIBIO (Latinamerican Centre for Biodiversity), to supervise technical reports and to follow up the application of pest control substances. This research centre is intensively devoted to the spread of knowledge about threatened ecosystems, resolutely contributing to the defence of their biodiversity. This organization has several research projects underway, and currently cooperates with different administrations and firms, in Spain and other countries, particularly in South America.

Valencia Town Hall is contracted with the University of Valencia for the direction, coordination and supervision of pest control treatments in the city and area of Valencia, Lokimica has been the successful bidder for this contract since 1995. Meeting the University of Valencia standards during all this period, Lokímica has benefited from the experience and technical knowledge of the University.

“Medical, veterinary and forensic entomology”

From July 13th to July 17th, 2015
University of León

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