Lokímica has implemented an Integrated system for Quality and Environment Management,based on international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, certified by AENOR  (Spanish Association of Regulation and Certification), and defined in a reference book with additional technical instructions and procedures.

This system is applied to all the firm’s activities: biocide production, environmental health services and legionnaire’s disease control and prevention. Also, the first-rate team embodying the Quality and Environment Department guarantees the development and correct manipulation.

The production of toxic or dangerous waste is the most relevant environmental aspect of the activities carried out by Lokimica. And this aspect is where the Environment Management System principally operates. Lokímica has a very rigorous plan to Minimize Toxic and Dangerous Products, covering a series of objectives for the reduction of all types of waste produced.

We include here pertinent documents of EMAS III y RSC GRI:

EMAS III  RSC GRI  Quality Policy Company