Pest Control

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Environment Health

This is our most widely experienced department, as when the company was created water treatment… See more

Termite Control

Based on the principle that the insecticide be dispersed to the complete totality of the colony… See more

Biocide Production

The products created by Lokimica are formulated for use in the treatments we carry out for our clients… See more


LOKIMICA Laboratories S.A. was created in 1978 by Mr Blas García Gómez, and in the ensuing period of more than thirty years has been continuously dedicated to serving Public Health, improving the standard of living and protecting the environment.

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As an innovative company, Lokimica, with the aim of constant improvement, runs tests of new products in its laboratories, always searching for the highest effectiveness without losing sight of consideration for the environment and public health.

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Lokímica laboratories has its own Human Resources Department, providing formative courses for employees to recycle and learn new working methodologies and techniques. Theoretical and practical courses are also offered to professional workers from the Public Administration.

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