Lokímica has its own fleet with more than 30 vehicles and fully equipped mobile units. All of these vehicles are completely furnished with security devices for the safety of the staff, the environment and also to act in case of an emergency.

Among these, we would like to underline the following:

  • A helicopter for biological air-treatments (ULV, MLV, ALV)
  • A boat for islands and ports.
  • A 4×4 excavator, to carry out draining,  clear riverbeds and yards …
  • A tractor with a spraying tank (1000 litres at 80 atm), also used to transport materials in areas of difficult access and for the collection of waste.
  • Four-wheel drive vehicles for operations and to transport materials in rural areas, several of them equipped with independent wide-range spray devices to carry out larvicide treatments against mosquitos, processionary caterpillar and any other type of insect in outdoor sites, etc.
  • More than 50 vehicles, some of them equipped to carry out pest control tasks, and some specifically for those tasks carried out by the Microbiology Department, with special refrigerators to transport samples of all types.