Lokímica Laboratories is proud of a great group of highly experienced professionals qualified in Public Health, who guarantee the correct handling of the company’s activities.

At present more than 80 staff members are employed, divided between the headquarters in Alicante and the delegations of Valencia, Murcia, Almeria, Barcelona, Albacete and Balearic Islands. Some of them have been working for Lokimica since the company started, resulting in a close-knit, mutually reliant group, and ensuring the progressive improvement of our services year after year, always at the forefront of the modernization of  the Spanish Public Health sector.

The academic level of LOKIMICA staff is outstanding:

  • 3 Doctors in Biology, specialised in Mosquito Control.
  • 5 Biology graduates.
  • 6 Chemistry graduates.
  • 1 Veterinarian.
  • 1 Agronomist.
  • 1 Commercial Pilot (Helicopter).
  • 1 Superior Technician and 1 Technician in the prevention of occupational accidents.
  • 1 Qualified Plumbing Engineer.
  • 18 Superior Technicians in Environmental Health.
  • 25 Qualified Technicians in the prevention and control of Legionella.
  • 52 Qualified Appliance Technicians.